Mapkats Privacy Policy

Last Update Thursday 20th December 2018

  1. Introduction Statement

    Thank you for using Mapkats. We respect your privacy and are committed to helping protect your information. This Privacy Policy describes the personal data we receive during your relationship with us, of which is provided by you with your knowledge and consent, to which we outline the nature of the data in this policy and the way in which we receive, store, use and manage your data while you have a relationship with us and beyond that relationship. By visiting our site and creating an account and using the Mapkats platform, you agree that your personal information will be used, managed and governed as described in this privacy policy.

  2. The Services

    Mapkats provides a range of content search, display and business insights tools. This Services enable you to search content from a variety of sources and gain insights on all of your business accounts through one portal. When you link content sources such as social media accounts to your Mapkats account, you can choose to search content and access insights about your business accounts via your Mapkats account.

  3. Personal Information we collect

    We consider Personal information or Data as information that relates to an identifiable natural person that can be identified, directly or indirectly, that can be referenced to a range of identifiable information such as: a name, a unique identification number, specific location data such as an address or country of residence, etc., an online identifier, or other attributes specific to that natural person. We consider other information that is not Personal information or Data such as information that has been anonymized or aggregated so that is can no longer be used to identify specific natural persons, whether on its own or in combination with other information.

    We collect personal information with your knowledge and consent through automatic process and / or through your manual provision and management, in order to enable you to create an account to use the services and functions as stated in the Mapkats platform.

    1. Information we collect automatically

      We collect information automatically through Google Analytics embedded into the Mapkats website, which provides anonymised information about your web traffic to the Google Analytics platform which we can then view. Personally identifiable information such as your name, email address, etc is not included in the data that Google Analytics records. We do not use cookies or other processes to track or record information about your computer device details such as your IP address. You may connect your Mapkats account to other third party services such as billing and payment providers and social media accounts with your knowledge and consent, to which you are aware of the detail and scope of the third party information you will share with the Mapkats platform when you give your consent to grant access to the Mapkats platform to access this data and use within the Mapkats platform in a somewhat automated nature.

    2. Information you provide us

      You may provide us information in connection with your establishment and use of the Mapkats platform which we collect, and can be of a variety of data, for example when you provide your personal information to us during your registration process and during your use of the Mapkats platform such as establishment of a billing account and connection through Mapkats to your social media accounts or submission by you of forms where you are manually entering in your personal data into the form which is either saved into your personal account or submitted to the Mapkats platform or their party services.

      These points at which you provide us with your personal data include:

      During your Mapkats account registration process: You may provide to us a variety of personal information that is required to establish your Mapkats account that enables you to use the features and functions of the platform. This information can include your name, your email address, other contact details, your address and country of origin and a unique password that you create to log into your Mapkats account. This Personal Data is associated with your Account Data and is required to create a secure and unique account for your personalised use of the Mapkats features and functions.

      While connecting your Social Media accounts: A key function of the Mapkats platform is the provision of secure connections between your Mapkats account and the social media accounts that you manage and typically represent your business accounts. In using the Mapkats account, which has a key stated provision of connecting you to your social media accounts, you knowingly and with your consent allow Mapkats to create a connection to third party social media accounts, such as Facebook and Instagram. During this process you are shown and agree to the specific data that Mapkats will receive and share with these third party services to which you have the choice to agree to these connections, that which then retrieve personal information you have provided and created on the third party services that are then shared to the Mapkats platform. As stated, you have control over and are aware of which personal information that resides on these third party services is then shared to your Mapkats account data. This personal data that Mapkats receives from this party services is transferred and retained in accordance with the privacy policy and practices of these third party services and can be removed from the Mapkats platform at your choice.

      While managing your account: There are a number of other services and functions within the Mapkats platform that require your personal data in order to provide the fully functioning nature of these services. You may with your knowledge and consent provide your personal details for these services, which include information you supply when you fill in a form to contact our company, or you may provide information for other team members that you grant permission into your Mapkats account such as an email address and name of that team member, or billing information for your credit card to use features that require this function. This information is retained and managed in accordance with the other personal data you provide as described in this Privacy Policy and is managed as per the other requirements and descriptions in this Privacy Policy and in accordance with the Privacy Policies and requirements of other third part services.

  4. How and why we use this information
    Information we collect about our customers and users is integral to the provision of the service and is used in the following ways:
    • Broadly, to provide the functions and services of the Mapkats platform for which you knowingly and with consent provide during the registration process;
    • Personalising your user experience and assisting you with navigation of the Mapkats platform;
    • Enabling you to register a unique and secure account with the ability to manage and maintain your personal account details;
    • Providing access to your external third party social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram business accounts;
    • Analysing your use of the Mapkats platform to assist in the efficient use of the platform and assist in any technical review or service enquiry you may have specifically in regards to your account;
  5. Purpose and legal basis for processing

    Mapkats has a legal basis for collecting, storing and processing your personal data, as described in this Privacy Policy. We only obtain and use the personal data in relation to the provision of services of the Mapkats platform and to which you willingly and knowingly have control over the creation, storage and retention of that through your account management. Furthermore, we only collect, store and process your personal data when we have a legal right to do so.

    The purposes for which we obtain, process and retain your personal data within the Mapkats platform with your consent can include:
    • To create and administer your account on the Mapkats platform and for us to establish and manage our relationship with you;
    • For the provision of any services within the Mapkats platform of information you have requested or functions you have activated within the platform;
    • To enable the administration of your account and the provision of services of the Mapkats platform;
    • To maintain or improve the Mapkats platform and our services;
    • For the provision of customer management and relationships;
    • To access any features on our platform;
    • To audit or analyse information regarding how Users are using the Mapkats platform;
    • To market and improve our Mapkats platform and services we offer;
    • To perform research or conduct statistical analysis and monitor how customers are using our platform;
    • To comply with legal and regulatory requirements;
  6. Data sharing

    Except as stated in this Privacy Policy, Mapkats does not share, give, sell or otherwise distribute personal data we collect from your or receive from third party systems and applications. We may disclose your information including personal information to the following recipients and situations and circumstances:

    • Mapkats staff and related employees and associates of Native Empire PTY LTD the company developing the Mapkats product and only in relation to maintaining the operational functions of the platform in relation to your account and with your express consent.
    • Related Third Party service providers who require personal data for purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy, or when required by law to make personal data available to third parties such as advisers, banks and financial institutions, independent consultants and professionals, regulatory and or administrative authorities, courts and police authorities.
    • Other people or agencies with your consent to the disclosure of your personal information.
    • With your consent and manual intervention when connecting your social media accounts into the Mapkats platform, where connecting these social accounts is required to perform the stated functions within the system and that information is transferred between other platforms and the Mapkats platform.
    • With other service providers that are integral to the provision of the Mapkats platform and with your consent and active participation in this data transfer, such as payment gateways.
    • If we are acquired or merged with another company, or through joint venture we are involved under common control; with another company or entity.
  7. Information security

    Mapkats takes security seriously, especially in regards to your personal data. We follow industry best practice and use appropriate security measures to protect the integrity of your data and that it is not lost, misused or inappropriately disclosed. We use for example, encryption of user data across secure pocket layer technology (SSL). You should however take note that data transmission across the internet is never completely secure and does pass across third party services and platforms during the normal processing and workflow of the Mapkats platform that are outside of the control of our systems and management practices. In saying this, we take all reasonable precautions to minimise and protect the personal information we use and retain on the Mapkats platform. You should also practice good security management when creating your account on the Mapkats platform and using the platform, such as having strong passwords, not sharing your passwords or account information with any other party and keeping your login information to the Mapkats platform private. We are not responsible for any loss or misuse of your personal information due to compromised Mapkats passwords or account information required to access your personal data held on the platform.

  8. International data transfers

    Services provided via the Mapkats platform are mainly delivered from our Sydney office in Australia, and additionally through third party infrastructure and service providers such as web hosting companies, social media platforms, payment gateways and other such services, which are necessary to provide the capability within the Mapkats platform.

    The provision of the services within the Mapkats platform may require your personal data to be transferred across international borders, that are outside of your location and country of origin and legal jurisdiction that do not provide the same level of protection for personal data as the relevant jurisdiction that manages the Privacy Policy of the Mapkats platform or your own country and/or legal jurisdiction for personal data and privacy.

    In such circumstances we will transfer personal data to those third party recipients that have been deemed adequate and which have appropriate levels of data protection policies in place including, but not limited to, relevant data transfer agreements and standard contractual clauses, when needed. Your use of the Mapkats platform and any or all of the sub functions within the platform you knowingly authorise Mapkats and its related and authorized service partners and their parties to use and process your content and account data (including any personal information) in these countries.

  9. Data retention and deletion

    We retain and process your information in order to provide you with the essential services within the platform and for as long as we have a legitimate business interest or as long as you have given us consent which includes data you or others provided to us and data generated or inferred from your use of our Site. At the end of our relationship with you and/or at your request, we will dispose of your personal information in a secure manner.

  10. Your rights of the data subject

    You as the data subject have the ability to review, edit or delete personal information Mapkats holds about you. You can:

    • Request access to your information we hold and process;
    • Receive your personal information in a machine-readable format;
    • Correct any inaccurate information about you in the Mapkats platform;
    • Have your personal information held in the Mapkats platform deleted, blocked or removed;
    • Withdraw consent where appropriate, for your personal information to be retained, stored or used;
    • Limit, restrict or object to your personal information being used;

    Please note that if you request us to remove your information, we may retain some of the information for specific reasons, such as to resolve disputes, troubleshoot problems, and as required by law. Furthermore, some information is never completely removed from our databases because of technical constraints and the fact that we regularly back up our systems. Therefore, not all of your personal information may not be completely removed from our databases.

    Mapkats, with your consent and manual transaction, receives accesses to data from the various Social Networks your manage. We do so at your request and within each Social Network's terms and conditions. As a Mapkats user, you ultimately decide which Social Networks or Third-Party Apps you allow Mapkats to connect with and which Social Networks and/or Third-Party Apps you want to share your data with. We process your data in these 3rd part systems at your instruction, acting as a conduit between you and the Social Networks that you connect to the Services. As such, you retain full control to manage the access Mapkats has to the data originating in these systems and pursuant to the rights to data access listed above, retain control over any personal data originating on these systems that form part of your personal data within the Mapkats platform.

  11. Notice concerning children’s information

    Mapkats is not intended to be used by children and does not direct any of its practices or system towards children. We are committed to respecting the privacy of children online. If we learn that the information of a child under the age of 16 is stored, we’ll delete any such personal information.

  12. Updates to this privacy policy

    We reserve the right to review this Privacy Policy at any time updated legislation and/or business standards. Where appropriate or required by law, we will notify you about the new Privacy Policy by posting appropriate notice on our websites. We encourage you to periodically review this Privacy Policy to stay informed about our information practices. We will indicate the date on which this Privacy Policy was last modified.

  13. Identity and contact details of the data controller

    Mapkats is a software platform developed and managed via Native Empire PTY LTD, a digital marketing company located in Sydney, New South Wales Australia. If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or your relationship with the Mapkats platform, wish to know more about your data residing within the platform, or wish to exercise your rights, please contact the Privacy Team through our website or via email: or by the postal details below.

    Mapkats Privacy Team c/o Native Empire Pty Ltd. Level 2, 11 York Street, Sydney
    New South Wales, 2000